Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Navegadores - trip to Ethiopia, 20 days to go

Photo by Piotr Wikarek, Navegadores, from the recce trip, September 2010

On the 18th of October a 17 person team is going to Ethiopia with a special mission. 11 of them are going to install solar batteries in a hospital,where operations after dusk are being done with the battery headlights, as well as dig a new well there, and then, 500 km away, refurbish a school high in the mountains. 2 are the medical help and 4 are going to record the efforts.

The action is organized by Navegadores Society:
"Bringing humanitarian and development aid with corporate Partners according to unique operational model. In the world of many distant cultures. We SHARE THE DISTANCE."
Following the Navegadores link above you can watch the progress on Facebook.

The trip is going to be photographed by Miguel Gaudencio.
A documentary movie will be directed by Maciej Puczyński with a sound recording by Sebastian Mucha. The media part is produced by Marta Wierzbicka - the team that is already cooperating on "Desire for Beauty" - the movie.

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