Monday, September 27, 2010

Cells of Memory (Ogniwa Pamięci)

Before we move on with the more current stuff, let's share some of the older works.

This event was a part of integrational actions for people in Masurian Lake Disctrict in Poland. The girls sing songs to commemorate a tragic story of a wedding on an island, when people coming back drowned in the lake.

The action was staged by Alicja Ruczko with Albedo Group for the local villigers, on who's memories various actions are based. It is part of Ryszard Michalski's "Tratwa" Association project for integration of the society in the region.
The actual footage is a part of an ongoing documentary production showing the presence of complicated history of the Masurian area in people's present lives.

There's also a lot of interviews with the villagers in OMProductions' hard drives archives. However, if you're able to read Polish, you can find the stories collected on Cells of Memory (Ogniwa Pamięci) website.

Directed and edited by: Maciej Puczynski
Cinematographers: Maciej Puczynski, Maciej Długaj
Canon EOS 5D MkII mixed with Sony Z7 + Letus.

See more here.

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