Saturday, November 20, 2010

With No Light

On Monday 22nd of November at 6pm in CSW (Conteporary Art Centre), Warsaw, a vernissage of Samanta Stuhr's art installation "With No Light" ("Bez światła") will be held.

Above video, directed by Samanta Stuhr and DoP'd and edited by Maciej Puczyński is an excerpt from this work put into a form of an experimantal short. The characters were played by Magdalena Cielecka and Maciej Stuhr.

To read more follow the link.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Navegadores - 4 Elements in Ethiopia - The Movie

One of Navegadores cars and a bus carrying benches for a school hidden deep in the mountains.
Even though it is hard to believe from what we're used to hear and read, Ethiopia, suffering with droughts and lack of water, has incredible richness of underground springs.

Navegadores Society, an organization founded by Piotr Wikarek, among 3 other tasks, has set it's first goal to combine the richness of water with the richness of the sun energy in the Mission of Alemtena. Last draught the Mission was deprived of fresh water for about three months.

A group of 12 people was followed by a film crew: Sebastian Mucha as Sound Recordist and additional Cameraman, Marta Wierzbicka as Production Manager and 3rd camera. The film Directors: Miguel Gaudencio and Maciej Puczyński. Director of Photography was Maciej Puczyński.

Piotr, the Founder of Navegadores Society on the spot with preparatory works, supported by Tomasz, Kuba and Inka.
The uniqueness of the Navegadores is that the sponsors go for the journey and work themselves on the spot.

Sister Judyta watching the progress of the works.
The Sisters in Alemtena live their simple and devoted lives having for themselves only the most necessary things. They lead a school, a clinic and they serve any current need of their surroundings.

Sewing workshop.
Mounting the solars for the water pump.
Unseen richness of fresh water.

Sister Anna

Surroundings of the Mission called by the locals "Paradise".
Late afternoon some 100km west from Dire Dawa.
Street of Harar.
Following Navegadores.

The release of the movie about the journey, it's struggles and the rewards is planned for 2011.