Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Desire for Beauty (Pragnienie Piękna) - "Making of" photos by Paweł Sroka

 This is the new insight to our work on "Desire for Beauty" - the full lenght documentary about the canon, pressure and dreams about beauty. Directed by Miguel Gaudencio, cinematography by Maciej Puczynski.

                         Agata Kulesza                                      Miguel Gaudencio

Agata, Maciej, Maria, Miguel
Miguel, Iwo & our dear mama-production-manager Marta Wierzbicka
A bit more of our team with our great young talents
Maciej & Miguel
 Agata Kulesza & prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz
 Tricky bit - our talents Ania and Łukasz trying to cross the ocean

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