Friday, January 10, 2014

Tatrzańskie wodospady (Tatra Mountains Waterfalls)

This is what we've brought from the succeeding trips to the Tatra Mountains following our first film from there in the project we hope to continue also this year - The Silence.

We'd like to thank very, very much to Filip, Jurand and Sebastian for supporting our little project and to our wives and kids for their love and patience and this wonderful freedom to do the things we love. Thank you!

All we've shot with either Canon 5dMk3 + Magic Lantern or Sony FS700 using Elmo Anamorphic lens mounted on great old photographic Zeisses.

Cinematography and Editing by Maciej Puczynski
Produced and Inspired by Andrzej Ripper (website coming soon)

Color Correction by Jurand Wegrzyn
Sound Design by Filip Kuncewicz

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