Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anamorphic Mountains

This is the first go at a long term project that shall last for about a year.
We're possibly going to bring a lot of silence all over the year.

Cinematography & Edit by Maciej Puczyński.
Produced, inspired and co-created by Andrzej Ripper.

Shot on location in Tatra Mountains, Poland
with Canon 5D MkIII &
Anamorphic Elmo Scope Lens on M42 Jupiter 85mm.

© Maciej Puczyński & Andrzej Ripper 2013

Music by Arvo Pärt
Ikos from Kanon Pokajanen
Estonian Philharmonich Chamber Choir
Cunducted by Tõnu Kaljuste
© ECM New Series 1654/55, 1998

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