Friday, September 9, 2011

Feature Screen Test

Same model, yet another location. And definitely - great fun finding appropriate looks. Maybe some video will be cut together soon.


  1. Dzieki! To są screeny z testów do fabuły. We wrześniu nakręciliśmy trochę materiału, żeby rzucić okiem, jak to działa. Chyba działa :-) Uścisk!

  2. Wow. I am really blown away by your talents !
    I would love to know what you did in terms of grading and filming and everything else really !

    I find your contrast incredible, the tones impeccable and I really would love to learn more !

    1. Hello Kyle, thank you very much, sorry for my late reply - so much happening these days. This was done two ways - first it was H264 then I did some raw stills and made a really mixed grading, using many tools to get what I need. If you'd like to know specifically, please feel free to write to my email.