Saturday, October 16, 2010

Desire for Beauty (Pragnienie Piękna)

The second production period for the documentary has been completed giving us so far a total of 25 shooting days. This time we've done interviews with about 30 people as well as some nude and mood shots (the operating instruments) and some more fictional parts (coming up on the blog soon).

Photographer Sonia Szóstak

Anthropologist Kasia Przyłuska

Journalist Piotr Najsztub

 Writer and Singer Elżbieta Jodłowska

Hair Designer  Jaga Hupało

 The Model Patrycja Myszak

The interviews were lead by Marta Ciastoch. The crew were Remigiusz Pilawka (Sound), Sebastian Mucha (MkOf and 3rd camera), Paweł Sroka (Photos), Assistant and Editor Tomek Kućkowski, followed by Bartek and Łukasz from Piramida Film. MkUp by Sabina Lewińska. Production manager was Marta Wierzbicka. Cinematography by Maciej Puczyński. Directed by Miguel Gaudencio.

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